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bunq - Latest Quality Issues
Feb 16, 2024
Caution Scam
Absolute rip-off bank that freezes your transfers and does not process them. Then request dubious documents that a bank has nothing to do. If you then put pressure on them about the very bad support, they immediately cancel your account and freeze the credit for 4 months. The only thing that helps is to go to a lawyer.
Feb 16, 2024
From 2021 I not received back my money, from my blocked account, it's really not good, even the support not answer me, but I sent the documents from my ING account, I really not happy for this..! Update! After my review, I received my money, thanks!🥳
Feb 16, 2024
Deletes my account with credit, which I can now wait for 4 months It wasn't so that it's my food money that's still on it
Feb 17, 2024
They change the plan from free to paid without my permission. Twice. I wrote to support and nothing, that's just the way it is. I don't recommend it
Feb 17, 2024
Not entirely convinced yet
Recently, I opened a checking account in addition to a savings account. In this way I try to compare Bunq with the 'big boys' such as ING. The only major downside so far is that you can only withdraw from your savings account 2x a month. I understand that this has to do with the interest rate they offer. But I'm used to putting in quickly, and when you need it, you can also access it right away. Suppose a situation arises that you really need to get to your money, and you can't because your 2 turns are over. Because of this, I will be less likely to fill the savings account for 'in case of emergency' Furthermore, I am very satisfied with the layout of the app and the features they offer!
Feb 18, 2024
Ok app can't really transfer money easily plus to add funds you have to request it from someone and once they receive the request link it instantly declines there card details so not great so far
Feb 18, 2024
I lost my account where the money was and now. I can't recover my account will help someone cod security doesn't come to [phone]
Feb 19, 2024
As a self-employed person in Estonia, we would like to have a business account, but that is not possible, while sorry country is just a member of the EEA
Feb 19, 2024
Blocking of the account, after deposit/debit from my current account ! Would you like to please contact me! There is cash in the account which I would like to reclaim ! Furthermore, I wish you a nice day and hope for a good cooperation. Mfg M.S P.S I put the rating back to 1 star until the matter has❗ resolved/clarified Set it back to 4 immediately if everything is cleared up, with fast processing I CHOOSE 5 STARS ❗️
bunq - Product Description
Discover mobile banking that makes life easy. Spend, save, budget and invest—all while becoming effortlessly CO2-free. Download and sign up in just 5 minutes to start your 30-day free trial today.

Our Plans

Earn high interest with zero fees.

Our interest rates per country:

• Germany: 2.55%*
• The Netherlands: 2.46% 
• Rest of Europe: 1.56%

• Interest paid weekly, not annually
• 2 withdrawals per month
• No minimum deposit
• Daily chances at great prizes from the Wheel of Fortune

EASY BANK - €2.99/month
Get a bank account in just 5 minutes.

• All the benefits of Easy Savings
• Instant incoming and outgoing payments
• One NL, DE, ES, FR or IE IBAN to match your location
• Enjoy added card security against overcharged tips and irregular payments, powered by AI
• Get key insights to know which categories contribute most to your carbon footprint, so you can start shopping sustainably
• In-app map to discover places recommended by friends
• Effortlessly track and split with the Group Expenses feature. Easily add past payments, find specific transactions, or remove payments in just a few taps
• Push notifications whenever your money moves
• Face & TouchID and 100% control of your cards in the app

EASY MONEY - €8.99/month
Bank like a local, all over Europe.
• All the benefits of Easy Bank
• Effortlessly earn money using your Mastercard credit card with 1% Cashback at restaurants and bars**
• 25 sub-accounts for easy budgeting with zero effort
• Insights into your monthly spending & future balance
• Choice of over 15 different currencies
• Easily save in multiple currencies, and earn a massive interest of 3.71% on USD and GBP
• Multiple NL, DE, ES, FR & IE IBANs
• Easy investments to invest your spare change, automatically
• No fees when you spend overseas

EASY GREEN - €17.99/month
Become CO2-free in just 2 years.

• All the benefits of Easy Money
• One tree gets planted for every €100 you spend
• Effortlessly earn money using your Mastercard credit card with 2% Cashback on public transportation, 1% Cashback at restaurants and bars**
• Beautifully crafted bunq Metal Cards made from sustainable stainless steel with Mastercard extended warranty & purchase protection
• Complete freedom of choice over where and when your money’s invested so you only earn interest from socially responsible investments
• Green Team: add a friend to your Green Team, so they too can become CO2-free and benefit from 2% Cashback on public transportation and 1% at restaurants and bars

All our plans are also available for business! 

Your Security = Our Priority
Boost your bank security with two-factor authentication for online payments, Face & TouchID for extra secure logins, and 100% control of your cards in the app.

Your Deposits = Fully Protected
Have your money insured up to €100,000 by the Dutch Deposit Guarantee Scheme (DGS), and rest assured that we’re rigorously tested to the same standards as traditional banks.

Get quality, in-app support 24/7 from expert guides in the language of your choice:

• English
• Dutch
• French
• German
• Italian
• Spanish

Investments in the bunq app are powered by Birdee. Investing involves risks, you may gain or lose money.

*Interest rate valid for the first 4 months after opening your account, you’ll earn 1.56% interest thereafter.

**Get early access to Cashback and be among the first to get up to 2% back on public transportation payments, 1% at restaurants and bars. There are only 1,000 spots, so claim yours while it’s still available.
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