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Cleo - Latest Quality Issues
May 18, 2023
Constant issues
I've had so many issue with App lately, I'm wondering what Cleo does with subscription fees they collect.
May 19, 2023
Dale Shirley
May 19, 2023
Stole my money
And absolutely refuse to give it back. Currently goving me the run around because they aren't replying to my emails or chats in a timely manner at all and I pray no one else falls for their deception but they prey on the poor
May 19, 2023
Signed up with them and requested a refund the same day
OK I signed up with them May 19, 2023 so yes this is a recent review. Not only did they take $50 out of my account the 5.99+ of $44.99 subscription. I was eligible for a refund because I just signed up and did not want it because they only approved me for $20. How are you going to take out $50 from my account and only approve me for 20 who does that. So a representative chatted with me because you can't talk to them they were only check stating I would get my money back the same day. When I chatted with them, it was around 11 AM going on 12 noon.. The representative advised me that I would get my money in the afternoon so I followed up with them at 4:08 PM in the evening because I let them know I have yet to receive my money. And I am still waiting for my refund. Please deposit back into my account.. now I give him down the writing that I did because it was a slap in the face to approve me only for $20 but you take 44+ $5.99 out of my that is a rip off to people. So again today is May 19, 2023. I am writing because I have yet to receive my full refund back into my Bank of America Thx
May 20, 2023
App very unclear and annoying
They took $30 and transferred it to my Cleo card, and I don't even have a physical card - this led to a potential bank overdraft later, so I opted to borrow an advance from Cleo - but it went to my virtual Cleo card. To move it from my Cleo card will take 3 business days! They should make it very clear in the app what is going on - and allow you to accept or decline the random auto-withdrawals to your Cleo card rather than have them occur spontaneously at amounts you may not be aware of. The chat bot is a joke.
May 20, 2023
Don’t get suckered
They are liars. They lie about being approved for advances and tell you twice that you're approved and then deny it after you've already paid for their stupid subscription. And then you have to tell their AI robot lack of customer service thing that you want a refund MULTIPLE time in which it will deny you until you just spam the keyboard saying REFUND. It deserves less than one star
May 24, 2023
Worst loan app
Every time i try to get a loan they always have to verify band never verifies. With that being said there are many better loan apps
May 24, 2023
Stole my money!
App proceeded to act as if I was approved for 20$, took my 5.99. I'm requesting refund & cancel of subscription. Be careful when applying.
May 24, 2023
I cancelled my subscription several times but they continue to bill me 14.99 a month.
Cleo - Product Description
** Best Money Management App of 2020 ** — This is Money
**Featured App of the Day** -  App Store
** Best Budgeting App of 2019 ** — Marie Claire
**Top 20 Financial Apps** – NerdWallet

Track your spending, save money, and crush your goals with Cleo – the AI chatbot making money effortless. Trusted by 3 million users, Cleo helps you money like a boss with powerful tools and cutting-edge tech. Want to know what you can spend on takeout ? Need $100 to get to payday?  Or a planing to save up to buy a house? Cleo’s got your back. It’s your money – own it.

Sign up for free in just 2 minutes

By using AI to create personalized smart budgets for every customer, Cleo is helping people improve their budgeting skills worldwide. ‘Can I afford it?’, just ask Cleo. With a spending breakdown, help on bills, practical advice and an actual personality, budgeting like a boss has never been easier. Don’t be someone who lives in denial - get a budget.

Need a little happy getting to payday? Staring your overdraft in the face? Even when you prepare, stuff happens. We get it. That’s why Cleo let’s you borrow money instantly (up to $100 interest free) whenever you need it. But she’s not just a loan app. After you get a quick spot, she’ll also help you build up your own emergency fund and chime in whenever you’re headed for trouble. 

As many as you want! Set aside money for a specific thing, or if you just need a better visualization on coffee spending. Want to spend a little more on groceries this week? Cleo shows your spending per category over the last few weeks, so you can set a limit that makes sense (and she’ll update you on how much you’ve got left-to-spend throughout the week).

Saving money is a drag, but not when you’ve got an intelligent AI bot like Cleo dragging you for your spending. With Save goals, hacks and autosave features all experienced through interaction with Cleo herself, you save money fast and have fun in the process. That boring stigma’s broken.

Your credit score is about to get a whole lot healthier. Our credit builder will make looking at your credit report way less scary, and you might even have fun in the process. Leave the confusing credit building to Cleo and Equifax, you focus on feeling good about your money.

Get you an app that does Roast Mode. Sometimes you need to be told you’re a high-flyer, sometimes you need to be rinsed. Thank God Cleo has fun (sometimes), funny (always) personality modes. Heavily including memes, duh.

Cleo helps you feel better about your money. Other ways you can improve your money health:
• Save money automatically based on what you can afford
• New ways to improve your Equifax Credit Score with credit coaching
• Set any goal and Cleo can help you get there
• Avoid your overdraft with an interest free cash advance* up to $100**
• Cashback rewards up to 7%
• Weekly money games and quizzes with cash prizes
• Spendr rates your purchases and removes money stress

*Available with Cleo Plus
**Advance amounts vary depending on eligibility

Cleo uses bank-level SSL encryption to protect your data and your deposits. All savings held in FDIC-insured accounts with protection up to $250,000


Us Weekly: “Cleo makes us feel like money masters, and why shouldn’t we?”

Tech Crunch: “The ‘digital assistant’ that replaces your banking apps…”

Marie Claire:  “Like a bank manager without the musty grey suit…”

Forbes:  “…Young people trying to make a start in life are in a far worse position than previous generations... So services like Cleo that are distancing themselves from the banking sector and are focusing instead on making finances easier to understand, are a step towards provoking more positive interest...”
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