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Copper Banking-Teen Debit Card - Latest Quality Issues
Oct 24, 2021
Card doesn't work. Everywhere my son tried to use this card, he gets a "can't read chip error". If tries to swipe it, it says insert into chip reader, he inserts into chip reader and it says can't read chip. Useless. Trying figure out how to get our $ off this card. He tried it at numerous gas stations, grocery stores, and restaurants. No one takes this card.
Oct 19, 2021
It's a great app but it won't let me have more than one kid/parent on there or let you edit the information for the parent but other than that the app works fine I just wish you could have More options..
Oct 13, 2021
My mom set up her account and everything to approve it to me and it's saying she needs to complete the setup but we already set it up what is the next step
Oct 9, 2021
Mine won't download and its been 5 hrs since I downloaded it
Sep 13, 2021
Great banking app, but card is very cheaply made.
I've been using copper for many months, and I have had 0 problems except the fact that the card is very cheaply made! I really only use Apple Pay instead of the actual card it's self. But the few times I have used it, the front laminate is already starting to peel!
Sep 8, 2021
This app👎🏻
I can't open the app and it won't let me delete the app.
Sep 5, 2021
Can’t use my account
I deleted the app from my phone yesterday and I'm trying to use it again. And for some reason: I can't login into my account. Thanks guys, I can't use my account now!
Sep 3, 2021
They don't charge for your initial deposit, but after that they charge a fee for EVERY transaction. You don't see the fee until the transaction is done!!! Very sneaky!! Just get a debit card from your bank, NO FEES…
Sep 2, 2021
It days im getting my card september 11th it needs to hurry up its been 5 days
Copper Banking-Teen Debit Card - Product Description
Copper is the banking app for teens and parents. We give teens an easy way to access their money everywhere with the Copper app and debit card. Plus, we teach families how to make smart money decisions directly in the app. Your future starts now!

For Parents:
-No more cash! You can instantly send money to your teen directly from the app.
-Monitor your teen's spending with real time alerts.
-Backed by Financial Literacy experts, so your teens learn about money in a safe environment.
-Build your teen's independence and confidence.
-Our app teaches budgeting and savings.
-Automate Allowance!

For Teens:
-Get a Copper debit card with your name on it.
-Shop in-store, online or with Apple Pay.
-Get $$$ from Mom and Dad instantly.
-Earn $$$ by referring your friends.
-Track when, where and how you're using your money.
-Set savings goals and learn how to reach them!

With Copper, you'll enjoy all the benefits of having a bank in your pocket:

-Access to over 50,000 ATMs nationwide
-Direct Deposit – Get your paycheck deposited, up to 2 days faster, directly into your account
-FDIC Insured Bank Account
-NO overdraft fees
-NO hidden fees
-NO credit checks
-Armed with Zero Liability Protection
-World Class Customer Support

Get Copper. Peace of mind for parents. Independence for teens.
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