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Copper Banking-Teen Debit Card - Latest Quality Issues
Jun 28, 2022
Didn’t not receive my $50 stock
Please be sure when you guys advertise because I didn’t not receive my $50 stock bonus this is ashamed
Jun 27, 2022
It's been like 1 year and still didn't even came the copper card my parents did everything but still didn't came it's keep saying we're waiting on parents or something 🤬🤬🤬😡🤬😡🤬
Jun 27, 2022
It's been like 1 year still the copper card did not even came it still says we're waiting on on your parents 🤬🤬😡😡
Jun 26, 2022
I can’t use the app
The app is frozen right when I open it
Jun 25, 2022
I never received the coinout bonus for signing up. Lame
Jun 24, 2022
I have a stock and it’s saying I can’t get not stock action until they launch the stocks and I have a referral and I haven’t got the money cause they haven’t launched the stocks when are you going launch the stocks
Jun 23, 2022
Don't keep their word.. I signed up thru coinout and I was surprised at how ridiculous it is to try and get the bonuses they promised me. Neither coinout not copper will take responsibility for the mistake and neither one will fix it either. It's been months. They also ripped my kid off for $20 of our own money.
Jun 21, 2022
Giant headache and garbage app
You cannot transfer money out of this account at any time, for any reason, only in. You cannot call customer service, no phone number exists. Trying to resolve issues via email is useless and ineffective. As soon as I figure out how to regain access to this account (it’s been a week and multiple emails back and forth with zero progress) I’ll be closing it. Absolutely terrible. After reading other reviews it’s pretty obvious most of the 5 stars are not real reviews.
Jun 14, 2022
Do not get this app they will screw you over
I’ve been using copper a little over a year and haven’t had too many problems with it until a transaction came through for 94$ and it put my account in negative , I’ve tried contacting copper and no response. It said it was taken from Apple Cash but my Apple Cash is shut down and can’t send or receive money. Apple Pay support said they saw no transactions and that my bank had to fix it . Copper just keeps ignoring me and doesn’t even have a actual support number. Save yourself the trouble and use your local bank .
Copper Banking-Teen Debit Card - Product Description
Copper is the banking app for teens and parents. We give teens an easy way to access their money everywhere with the Copper app and debit card. Plus, we teach families how to make smart money decisions directly in the app. Your future starts now!

For Parents:
-No more cash! You can instantly send money to your teen directly from the app.
-Monitor your teen's spending with real time alerts.
-Backed by Financial Literacy experts, so your teens learn about money in a safe environment.
-Build your teen's independence and confidence.
-Our app teaches budgeting and savings.
-Automate Allowance!

For Teens:
-Get a Copper debit card with your name on it.
-Shop in-store, online or with Apple Pay.
-Get $$$ from Mom and Dad instantly.
-Earn $$$ by referring your friends.
-Track when, where and how you're using your money.
-Set savings goals and learn how to reach them!

With Copper, you'll enjoy all the benefits of having a bank in your pocket:

-Access to over 50,000 ATMs nationwide
-Direct Deposit – Get your paycheck deposited, up to 2 days faster, directly into your account
-FDIC Insured Bank Account
-NO overdraft fees
-NO hidden fees
-NO credit checks
-Armed with Zero Liability Protection
-World Class Customer Support

Get Copper. Peace of mind for parents. Independence for teens.
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