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Daily Yoga: Fitness+Meditation - Latest Quality Issues
Nov 29, 2023
Worst service and waste of money
I purchased 5yr premium plan but did not reflect in the app. Followed the instructions in FAQ but it did not resolved the problem. I contacted their support team and gave the info needed, followed up for how many times but no reply up to this date.
Nov 30, 2023
Not recommended
Despite the premium subscription, you are bombarded with advertising. Individual exercises are spoken so quickly by the speaker that you have zero chance of following at all. Customer service is a disaster. All in all. You can let it be. There are better yoga apps out there.
Nov 30, 2023
I can't get a response from support
Dec 1, 2023
Don't charge me!
I always enjoyed taking lessons for a year. It's time for a billing renewal and I got my premium for free today! I entered the card number as it was guided as it was. Apparently, it has been renewed for a year without going through the Apple Store. It is $69.99. It was written in English and I made a mistake in judgment when I entered it. However, I have contacted support many times, but even after 3 weeks, I have not even heard from them. I really want you to be sloppy. I can't cancel my subscription, and will I continue to be charged forever? Please be careful. Added on December 2, 2023 I haven't received a reply even if I contact support many times, so I posted it here and finally contacted them once. But it doesn't solve anything. This question is one-sided without answering at all. I don't want to support it at all, I'm just posting it for reviews. The following is the content of the email. Thank you for contacting Daily Yoga support. The Halloween Challenge you participated in requires you to do yoga for 28 days out of 28 days, and the cumulative practice time is at least 30 minutes. It also includes meditation. Once you've entered a challenge, you'll be able to track your progress on the calendar on the homepage. If completed, the money will be refunded to your account within 3 days to the method of payment. It's been more than three weeks, and now they say something impossible. In addition, I have replied to support, but there has been no sound for more than a week It's an app you really shouldn't get involved with
Dec 2, 2023
I participated in the 28-day challenge, spent $69.99, at that time the limited time jumped out of the promotional advertising content said to do 28 days on the refund, the advertisement did not indicate that you have to do 30 minutes every day, I later asked customer service to know that you have to do 30 minutes for this fear, I have been writing letters from November 15 to 18 to seek a solution, customer service has ignored it, so far there has been no reply in December, and a few days later, there was a promotion challenge 28 days of advertising, this time there is a statement that every day to practice for 20 minutes, In comparison, this is very unfair to consumers who have purchased for the first time before, and it is not easy to take time out of the day to continue to practice a course, why do you require customers to pay for it before saying that they will be refunded after 30 minutes of practice! And the standards in the promotional advertisements are different... All the above false advertisements are recorded in screenshots! I hope that the Daily Yoga company will come forward to solve the problem as soon as possible, and once again say that your customer service Emma's handling attitude is very bad!! It's rotten, I don't pay attention to it for half a month, I don't reply, there are traps in their promotional advertisements to be careful!
Dec 3, 2023
I'm trying to cancel my regular payment, but it doesn't work. Please cancel so that you will not be repaid. It's a really weird app.
Dec 4, 2023
Talk about chair yoga and I haven't seen it I'm disappointed
Dec 4, 2023
Sure good. I bought the premium package. For the beginner exercise, you start with a Turkish seat. I can't even do the first one :-(
Dec 4, 2023
Very bad application. The description does not conform to the establishments for which you believe you are buying one product and buying another. Very bad to follow and bad exercises without any explanation
Daily Yoga: Fitness+Meditation - Product Description
**#1 yoga app of 2022**——Apple 
**6000 million best choice**——Subscribers
**2019-2023 Best Yoga App**—Healthline

No.1 Yoga App Since 2012, loved by 60M+ people!

Would you like to find both a yoga fitness pose video and meditations in one app?

Daily Yoga is the platform that provides health benefits for both your mind and body with multiple yoga poses, various guided yoga classes and weight loss yoga challenges.

Here are dozens of beginner-friendly yoga classes that are easy to learn and perform, including wall pilates, chair yoga, and sofa yoga. Start your day with a yoga workout that suits your needs. Choose to increase flexibility, improve strength, maintain good posture, or get fit and healthy!


- Lose weight & burn fat

- Increase flexibility and get fit

- Decrease your stress with meditation 

- Personalized Custom Yoga Program

- Beginner friendly with Smart Coach to find courses to meet your goals.


Daily Yoga challenges, Weekly New classes!

If you're a beginner, join the yoga challenges and see the result. Daily Yoga provides beginners-yoga series to help beginners learn the basics before diving into more advanced classes, sequences, and flows.

If you're advanced, new courses update weekly, so you won’t have to do the same yoga workouts over and over again.

Yoga for Weight Loss and Fat Burn!

Daily Yoga offers a variety of weight loss classes for different scenarios, including wall Pilates, chair yoga, and highly effective full-body yoga exercises to help you achieve visible results within days. Various difficulty levels, from beginner to advanced, allow you to practice step by step and easily achieve your weight loss goals. So whether you like yoga, wall pilates or want to do sofa yoga on your sofa/bed.

Easy to Follow!

Everyone, from beginner to advanced, can reap the benefits of yoga. Follow the detailed guidance in the app, and enjoy your exercise.

Smart Coach to Keep You Motivated!

The Smart Coach feature prevents having to search for a good class every day. Smart Coach creates a 28-day schedule of courses to help you reach your monthly goal.

Download Your Favorite Classes!

Download yoga classes, use them offline, and take them with you wherever you go. You can practice in your living room, hotel, beach, or even sitting on a chair or sofa. That's right, you can go for wall pilates, chair yoga, or sofa yoga, making it easy to stay active and healthy no matter where you are. 

Track and Record Your Progress!

Personal data can be tracked if you use different devices. With the smartwatch, you can track the exercise duration, calories burned, and heart rate to contribute to your activity rings and meet your daily goals. We integrate with HealthKit for you to export calories burned and exercise data.

Meditation for Mind and Body

Specially designed meditation classes to find inner peace. Boost your energy, release your stress, or follow a peaceful voice into a sweet dream.

Join The Worldwide Yoga Community!

Connect with 50M yogis around the world. Discuss your experience with each class, tag friends or other people doing the class, and encourage people to finish yoga challenges.


Daily Yoga integrates with HealthKit (Apple Health), so you can export calories burned and exercise data from Daily Yoga to HealthKit. We also perfectly support both Intel and Apple Silicon.


Terms of Use: http://api.dailyyoga.com/web/terms.html

Privacy Policy: http://api.dailyyoga.com/web/privacy.html


Feel free to contact us anytime!

· App usage problems and suggestions: support@dailyyoga.com

· Business Cooperation: business@dailyyoga.com

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