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Dog Training & Clicker by Dogo - Latest Quality Issues
Jun 21, 2021
this app looks promising but i need help. I can't access some of the exercises. It said "no internet connection" while my internet is on & doing fine. It only happened to some exercise too--some of the most important ones for my beginner dog 😔 please fix it so i can use this app properly & change my rating.
Jun 21, 2021
Very good I will coemçar tomorrow the early training of my dog chocolate he is already well a little up already know that guando I sit on the bench he comes and looks at me as who says: Agent will start the mamae am mamae training kkkk
Jun 19, 2021
Until the ep is good only it is not compatible for mobile phones as with A20 A30
Jun 19, 2021
Great, app! My dog in 20-30 minutes was able to do 2 tricks one completely and the other half (Twisted, sit)
Jun 18, 2021
Excellent and suitable for my dog! Thank you although some exercises do not come out😅A also that everything was free but I put 5👍🏻Recomiendo.
Jun 17, 2021
Hi, I just wanted to see the app, but... he says "7days free" explain me because you want money I mean we are going to stay poor and you rich with plátita Right? That serves 7 days free if you still have to pay🤷🏻 ♀️ I do not understand Osea I said, this app I have to use but it does not serve as nd and that's why I put 1 star why they do not deserve nd and take your money if you want to be rich damn / ta
Jun 17, 2021
Unable to do the "free" 7 day trial without adding payment information.
Jun 16, 2021
Again. A real dog whistle is only $2. No amount of money is acceptable for an app that makes a whistle noise. Make it free or don't make one at all.
Jun 12, 2021
I did not like I take a picture of my dog and edit the right size but only that says that the photo is small 😡!
Dog Training & Clicker by Dogo - Product Description
100+ dog commands, games, puppy potty training, personal feedback from dog trainers. Dog training app with a clicker for responsible dog parents. 

What makes Dogo unique?

100+ Dog Tricks with Video Instructions
Choose what to teach your pup from the library of 100+ tricks, including video instructions. From basic dog obedience training commands such as Name, Sit, Down, Recall, Potty to advanced like Heel, Sit & Stay or Fetch the leash.

Professional Dog Trainers
Are you a dog parent who struggles with the potty training, unwanted jumping, reactiveness, excessive barking, digging? Don’t hesitate to reach out! Dogo trainers are here to help.

Video Exams
After mastering a command, send a video exam to the Dogo trainer through our pup training app and get feedback on your puppy’s performance! Our certified dog trainer will review it within 12 hours and help you train your doggo.

Built-in Clicker
Dog clicker is a sound signal to mark a behavior and precise moment for which your doggo is rewarded. A clicker reduces dog training time by about 40%. Use our built-in pet clicker with a variety of sound options in positive dog training. While dog training your deaf pup, use the flashlight option. Try out our Dogo dog whistle app as well!

Every responsible dog parent wants to provide the best care for their pup. Dogo helps you with that by regularly publishing knowledge-based articles. If you have any burning questions on dog obedience training, puppy behavior, nutrition, or health, it is the right place to check!

Photo Challenges
Every week there is a new challenge. Show what a well-trained puppy you have and share creative photos with the Dogo community. Vote for other puppers and meet dog parents from around the world.

Personalized Training Programs
Young or old, from puppy potty training to dog obedience an older pup. Take a test during onboarding and let us recommend a perfect training program. After completing a program, you will receive a Competition Certificate. Let your puppy make you proud!

Dogo offers 6 dog training programs:

New Dog
Your puppy bites, chews or plays too roughly? Do you need tips on potty training? Teach your pupper obedience training with Dogo App - dog clicker training & dog whistle app. The puppy will master 42 tricks, among others: Sit, Come, Walk on a leash, Potty, Dog clicker.

Basic Obedience
Your dog doesn’t come when called, excessively barks or jumps at you? They pull on a leash? Before signing them to an expensive dog trainer, try out the Basic Obedience Training Program and train the doggo yourself. Your puppr will learn 25 daily-life skills, among others: Dog clicker, Sit, Down, Heel.

Impulse Control
Does your dog steal food? Or jump to the moon and back when they see a leash? Teach your dog patience and good manners with the help of the impulse control program. It will take you and your pup only 2 weeks to master 17 useful skills. 

Stay Active
Dogs need regular physical exercise. Training dynamic movements help stretch dogs’ muscles and strengthen their core. In this course, you will teach your dog how to Spin, Weave, Jump Over, Crawl. If your puppr loves agility, they will enjoy it.

Strengthen your Friendship
Do you want to have a happy friendship with your puppy? Choose this fun course, full of impressive tricks, such as High-five, Give a paw, Rollover, Peekaboo. It helps a puppy discover and explore life as well as keeps an older dog in a good mental condition.

Little Helper
Have you ever thought of having a service dog or assistance dog? Your dog will learn obedience, how to fully focus on you and, open and close the doors, fetch the leash, or clean up. Only 2 weeks and 11 dog tricks learned!

Dogo Premium Pricing
You can upgrade to “Dogo Premium” by purchasing one of the following subscription plans:
- 1 month for $9.99
- 3 months for $26.99 
- 1 year for $99.99

Please feel free to contact us: support@dogo.app

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