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Drink Roulette: Drinking Games - Latest Quality Issues
Aug 17, 2022
I gave it a try but now can't unsubscribe. Big anarque.
Aug 16, 2022
It is not embedded in the settings on how to cancel subscription!
Aug 15, 2022
Not working well
As you change a second to another app this one closes and you have to put the names of all again. The game needs an internet connection, so as you go to a place where the coverage is not good or the internet is saturated, forget about playing. I wanted to try the Premium, we subscribed, and at no time did it work for me. He always asked me to re-subscribe and nothing was unlocked. This App is a mess
Aug 6, 2022
This app is absolutely a scam. They won’t let me unsubscribe and I have tried multiple times in their app. I sent a complaint in a week ago and haven’t heard back. I’m being charged for something I don’t want. I wish I had read the reviews before downloading it because then I would’ve known it was a scam. Stop charging me for something I don’t want. If I could leave a 0 star review, I would.
Aug 3, 2022
Not my kinda game
The app is not easy to use. We figured out how to play the game. When the app was about to be downloaded it said you will be charged after some time for the app. You get a 7 day trial for free. I have tried to cancel the with no option or way to cancel this app since I put it on my device. It’s not an easy app to use.
Aug 2, 2022
I'm a member of the death
I'm suffering from alcohol poisoning due to this app and still haven't given a pacifier
Jul 31, 2022
Fun games but priced way too high. The weekly subscription model is really annoying a monthly would make much more sense. It's pretty overpriced at $20 a month when you could consider getting Netflix for that amount. I think $5 a month would be a better price.
Jul 29, 2022
The game won't get past loading screen
Jul 27, 2022
Do Not Buy- Scam
Wanted to try this app and it said I had 3 free days to try it. The day I tried it I decided I didn’t want it and I clicked on the “To Learn more or cancel, review your subscription button.” Which loaded a page full of random text- there was no where to cancel. I submitted a ticket and no one has gotten back to me and now I’ve been charged $4.99 for a week even though I will not be using this app. (Keep In mind that like Xbox game pass is like $5 A MONTH FOR HUNDREDS OF GAMES). Finally got the cancel subscription spot but took a bunch of steps to get it to load correctly on my computer- which makes no sense since most people will be using this app on their phone. Don’t download this. Don’t waste your money on people that want to rob you for dumb questions. It’s not fun either- maybe one good question/activity every 5 you get.
Drink Roulette: Drinking Games - Product Description
So, you’re with your buddies, maybe pre-gaming, maybe after-gaming. Maybe right in the middle of the game…
You love roulettes but you haven’t got the cash to splash at a casino. Those places are expensive.
Don’t worry - we got you covered.
We have JUST what you need to step your night up a notch: a drinking game that is off. the. hook.
- A sweet ‘n slick design
- Totally original rules
- Battles where the winner takes all and the loser… CHUGS.
- Dirty “never have I ever” games
- Wild “would you rather” games
- Speed and reflex games
- Hilarious “most likely to…” votes
So, that’s what awaits in Drink Roulette with its 5 game modes, each designed around the mood of your soiree, from “I gotta work tomorrow, dudes” to “let’s drink ‘til we can’t feel feelings anymore!”
And, since we’re cool guys and since you’ve already invested in sixers and your favourite bottles of liquor, the first game mode is absolutely FREE, with no pop-up ads or annoying subscription requests.
By the way, we are GreenTomatoMedia. If you take a look at what we do, you’ll see we like livening up your nights and just making fun happen by whatever means necessary. If you want to support a team of young guys, passionate about mobile games to fire up when the sun goes down, play Drink Roulette and let us know what you think of it by leaving us a comment. We are always updating our apps based on what we hear from all of you out there. So, thanks!
- Includes in-app purchases
- Please drink responsibly
- Never EVER drink and drive
- No one should ever be forced to complete a challenge they’re not comfortable with.


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