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Family photo frame - Latest Quality Issues
Oct 23, 2021
I really like it because my phone doesn't allow me to do this until I get this app that once made this 100/10 beautiful.
Oct 13, 2021
Not what I was looking for which was just a simple frame black red, blue solid or various shades cropping features that worked with frame selection, nevermind it was a bust. Plus continuous ads at the bottom of screen interfere with cropping/modifying photos, very annoying. Then an for install the yepp program on every section. No thanks.
Oct 8, 2021
Ch. Anjali Manasa
Oct 3, 2021
New frame doesn't open due to video ad error
Sep 28, 2021
It does not give ease to change the design. takes it out and loses what has been done
Sep 26, 2021
Bad experience and I don't like it I tried canceling and it would not let me I don't care for this app
Sep 17, 2021
I just love this app. Could use more background frames.
Sep 13, 2021
The full page is sinking into ads!! I had to navigate through at least 10 full page and half-page ads to create a collage with 6 pictures uninstalled immediately
Sep 13, 2021
Good app to create an ideal collage😍. I am happy that there are different kinds of collages in it. But there is 1 problem. I request that I want more collages. And that is the problem. But still it is a perfect collage maker. I
Family photo frame - Product Description
Family Photo Frame is a totally free app providing you with numerous choices of frame types such as photo frame, art collage (Collage) and in your own way collage (Free-style). With the main idea aim towards family photos, the Family Photo Frame app is being continuously improved with more and more high quality family frames for you to choose.

Family Photo Frame helps you combine family members' photos into one frame. Integrate all your precious family memorial moments into a wonderful family collage wall photo.
The app has a lot of categories of frames: Family photo frames, love frames, Christmas frames, New Year frames, birthday frames, food frames, advertising frames, twin photo frames, triple photo frames, flower frames, wedding frames, travel frames, animal frames…
If you are looking for a free photo collage app, Family Photo Frame will be a great choice for you. Let me tell you why you should download Family Photo Frame immediately.
Besides family photo frames, our app also offers many other features like photo collage, photo editing, love frames, Christmas frames, baby frames, frames for friends ... which everyone can use. 
The application is totally free for you

*** Application features
★ Variety of different frames: many hanging square frames, heart collage frames, love frames, family tree frames, round designs...
★ Totally free photo frames, in diverse models. You will have many more choice of frames when using the application.
★ Many beautiful photo frames about family themes.
★ Amazing backgrounds for photo frames which you can use from application or take photo from gallery to make background for your photo frame.
★ Frame topics such as Love, Noel, Happy New Year which are loved on the market.
★ Collage: Organizing a set of photos into a collage which helps you emphasize the topic to tell an interesting photography story. The app provides users with free grid templates and different layouts
★ Choose several photos from your gallery or camera
★ High resolution image quality 
★ Easy to use professional photo editing tools and friendly interface.
★ Lots of lovely stickers.
★ Insert word art into photos with many different fonts, customize color, font sizes...
★ Many unique photo filters and photo effects.
★ Edit each picture in the frame: Swap, rotate, filter, flip, crop.
★ There are many beautiful available layouts for collages.
★ Flexible and diverse layouts for your photos to create your own unique frame.
★ Save your memories with cute frames for photos.
★ Share videos to your beloved friends through your favorite apps like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Email...
Please download Family Photo Frame to discover the best family photo frames. These frames will bring your family closer together. Your relatives and friends must be very happy when you create these wonderful frames and gift them.
We hope you will have a great experience using Family Photo Frame app. Please rate us with 5 stars and leave positive comments on Google Play store. If you find any technical problem using the app, please email or give us comment about this issue.
Photo frame save your memorable moments with your family, they are very precious. 
Thank you.
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