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Idle Factory Tycoon: Business! - Latest Quality Issues
Jan 20, 2022
Game too long to play you have to spend
Jan 19, 2022
In the past, the game was top because you could shove the boxes to limks or right to turn this manufactured material into something else and thus made your own production chain that was still cool. But now it's that you only make and sell one thing. The game had potential but the developers deleted the coolest feature of this game and thus made it much worse. I ask and hope that this feature comes back into play.
Jan 18, 2022
Money grubbing! I spent more time waiting to be allowed to close the items where they're begging for me to spend my money on them, and trying to avoid ads that actually playing the game! I don't know why I put it back in my phone, and it really makes me want to not play the game! You are forced to watch ads to make progress in the game! Anytime you make any changes, you get a pop up where they're trying to get you to buy something, and you have to wait before you're allowed to close it.
Jan 17, 2022
The whole process of the game ultimately comes down to waiting. Constant offers to buy for real money, some bastard accelerators that are needed in order to play less, everyone who donates it is sick people. And if you want to watch an advertisement for some buns, the game just crashes. Mobile gaming moment :)
Jan 14, 2022
Nothing but ads
It's become a game that's just ads ads ads you can't even progress without having to view ads and spend money spend spend spend
Jan 13, 2022
Lol game have bug when the game says to rate it and i tap it the game never open again and i clear data so i can do it again but the next day the screen is all black and 1 minute past of waiting it kicks me wow what a waste of time this game sucks
Jan 10, 2022
Can't download... It can only stay at 70% doang bngsad.
Jan 9, 2022
It's hard to leave a few minutes the price goes up
Jan 4, 2022
on my chrome book everytime i open it the screenis black after awhile i get kicked out
Idle Factory Tycoon: Business! - Product Description
Download the game for free and build lots of workstations in your multiple factories that produce cool stuff to collect idle cash.
The different workstations help grow your factory business and you collect even more idle cash.  
Be the operator of your factory business & automate your workflow by hiring managers, so your products will sell automatically. 
Your factory workers continue to run, even when you are offline from the game! 
Improve your machines & productions and your idle cash income increases! 

• Manage your own factories and automate the workflow to get more idle cash
• Your workstations continue producing, even when you are offline from the game 
• Invest your idle cash and boost your income 
• Hire managers to motivate the workstations 
• Use Super Cash to improve your products and sell them at a higher price
• Open the game every 4 hours to get free Super Cash 
• Manage up to 20 different workstations in each factory (e.g. toaster, battery, car productions and airplanes) 
• Use trophies and prestige your factories to increase productivity! 
• No internet connection needed 
• In-App purchases available

◆◆◆ Become the greatest factory tycoon ever! ◆◆◆ 

Got any problems or suggestions? 
Feel free to send a message to community@idle-factory-tycoon.com 
– we are always happy about our players’ feedback!

▶ Your Idle Factory Tycoon Team ◀

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