Just Ask: Introducing unitQ GPT — GenAI for Quality

Sep 26, 2023
By Brett Caplan
Just Ask: Introducing unitQ GPT — GenAI for Quality

Everyone in engineering, product and support has experienced the pain of "if only.” 

If only I could easily understand my users’ deepest pain points. 

If only I could capitalize on what my users are saying to resolve issues faster

If only I could prioritize issues by impact rather than anecdotes.

If only I could just ask….

Quality is in our DNA

Since Christian Wiklund and Niklas Lindstrom co-founded unitQ over 5 years ago, accuracy, granularity, actionability and quality have been at the heart of our AI-driven user insights. It’s the reason why category leaders like Bumble, DailyPay, HelloFresh, Udemy and other companies trust unitQ to measure the quality of their products, services and experiences in real time. 

Given that AI is core to our product, we’ve architected a generative AI solution from the ground up to deliver insights our users can trust to make critical business decisions. 

Just ask unitQ GPT

Introducing unitQ GPT, the world’s first generative AI engine for measuring the quality of your products, services and experiences. unitQ GPT revolutionizes how product builders, engineers, support leaders and team members understand user feedback in real time to build superior products, fix bugs faster and resolve support issues at scale. 

unitQ GPT harnesses unitQ’s proprietary AI models to extract meaning from support tickets, surveys, app reviews, social media posts and product engagement data to connect the dots between what users say and do. With unitQ GPT, learn directly from what users are sharing, across any feedback source, all in real-time.

How it works

Since we released AI summarization last November, our customers have distilled specific insights from hundreds of millions of pieces of user feedback. These insights have informed roadmaps at Fortune 500 companies and caught bugs and product quality issues impacting millions of users — all while dramatically reducing the time our customers spend manually analyzing user feedback. With unitQ GPT, we’re empowering users to ask even more complex questions and get clear, immediate answers that they can trust to make critical business decisions.

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To use unitQ GPT, just ask a question and get an answer based on granularly categorized, AI-driven user insights. unitQ GPT supports any feedback source in any language as well as engagement data and user metadata like device type and payment tier. 

Having trouble prioritizing based on impact? Just ask unitQ GPT:

  • "How can I improve iOS user retention?"

  • "How should I prioritize my bug backlog based on revenue impact?" 

  • "How can I reduce support tickets?"

Interested in identifying emerging pain points in your user base? Just ask unitQ GPT:

  • “Did I introduce any new issues in my latest release?”

  • “What are the top feature requests related to search?”

  • “What are five quotes from users talking about their favorite features?”

Customer testimonials

unitQ customers across diverse industries are recognizing the transformative power of unitQ GPT for enhancing their customer experiences and operational efficiencies.

“With unitQ GPT, we’ll be able to identify trending support issues, spot new bugs, and see what’s driving the sentiment of new product releases with an easy to use, conversational interface that queries member feedback in real time. This will transform the way we work across the company, from support to product to engineering,” says Cathleen Doorenbosch, VP of Customer Care at Bumble.

Another unitQ customer, DailyPay, says unitQ GPT will empower the financial services leader to innovate even more. 

“We are constantly innovating our product and identifying new ways to improve the experience for our valued users. unitQ GPT speaks to that mission with its accuracy, transparency, and ability to speed up the team’s natural workflows. It feels like having an extended member of our team that can answer the most pressing questions to make every user’s experience 10x better,” says Darlene Miranda, VP and General Manager, Enterprise Product at DailyPay.

Off-the-shelf AI models aren’t enough

By now, you’ve likely experienced the magic of a generative AI solution. These general purpose models can empower creativity and help you write with confidence. However, the same model you’d use to write a killer haiku is not the best model to back up critical business decisions.

That’s because off-the-shelf models do not have an understanding of your business context, your users' pain points or their needs. Without that understanding, these models often provide generic or irrelevant recommendations. Without the ability to dig into the underlying data and see consistent, accurate categorization, you're left wondering whether the insights are accurate enough to rely on for your business needs.

How unitQ GPT is different 

unitQ GPT is purpose-built to empower organizations to drive growth with unitQ user insights.

Easy to use — Just ask

unitQ GPT leverages user feedback and engagement data from 60+ sources to answer critical business questions and provide supporting visualizations. With all teams leveraging the same user insights, going from hypothesis to resolution has never been faster.

Opinionated and actionable recommendations

Because unitQ GPT leverages our cleansed, translated and granularly categorized data, it deeply understands your business like a tenured employee. It can prioritize initiatives and suggest product improvements to optimize your KPIs.

Built for transparency and security

unitQ supports its conclusions with citations, allowing you to verify insights in a single click. Trust extends deep into unitQ GPT’s architecture, with enterprise-ready security and automatic redaction of all personally identifiable information.

We are grateful for the opportunity to partner with category leaders as they continue to put users at the center of everything they do. We’re excited about the future of AI and remain committed to providing cutting-edge solutions to enable organizations of all sizes to deliver exceptional experiences for all of their users, across every device, language and touchpoint. 

Give it a try

unitQ GPT is available today in beta with more exciting features coming soon. Give it a try and redefine how you engage with your customers. Save your spot here.

About unitQ 

With unitQ customer feedback software, you can discover quality issues at the same time as your users. Know what product launches, releases or evergreen features are causing the most bugs or support tickets. Drill into the root causes of these issues by source, platform, device, customer segment and more.

Our AI centralizes feedback from all feedback sources and automatically groups it into thousands of granular categories to help organizations discover what matters most to users — all in real time. Customer-centric companies like Spotify, Bumble, Pinterest and HelloFresh rely on unitQ for actionable insights to drive growth, reduce churn and build brand loyalty. 

Want to see how your organization compares to others? Get your free unitQ Score or book a unitQ demo today!

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Brett Caplan is Director of Product at unitQ

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Join category‑leading companies and start driving growth, reducing churn, and building loyalty with unitQ.

Get a demo - with your data!

Join category‑leading companies and start driving growth, reducing churn, and building loyalty with unitQ.