profile-icon  By Aaron Verstraete
calendar  Feb 9, 2022

unitQ + PagerDuty: New integration resolves product quality issues faster than ever

We are excited to announce unitQ’s integration with PagerDuty, empowering all teams using both products to monitor public and private customer feedback channels for emerging issues, and mobilize a real-time response.

This exclusive integration gives our customers the power to proactively identify feedback trends, from spiking complaints of password reset errors to increases in negative feedback sentiment, and leverage PagerDuty to reach the right teams. After installation, unitQ Monitor, our AI-enabled monitoring platform, automatically triggers a PagerDuty incident after detecting a customer-impacting issue, giving teams timely alerts along with the full context they need to troubleshoot and triage.

The unitQ Monitor consolidates feedback across multiple private and public channels – from Zendesk to Twitter, the Google Play Store to Intercom, classifying them into over 500 granular categories, which we call Quality Monitors, giving support, engineering, and product teams the quantitative insights to identify, prioritize, and fix issues faster. This is why companies like Chime, Spotify, and Klarna are utilizing our monitoring services. In fact, on average our customers have improved their product quality by 20% in the first 30 days when having access to this real-time and impactful data. 

PagerDuty works with nearly 18,000 companies across 90 countries, helping monitor data across organizations. Now, unitQ Monitor has already become an important part of that holistic picture for many teams. This integration provides a window into product quality like never before and will allow our customers to be proactive, resolve issues faster, and improve user experience.

unitQ Monitor + PageDuty Integration Benefits

  • Notify your team in PagerDuty when new customer feedback data arrives, when Quality Monitors start to trend, or new issues are detected
  • Trigger, acknowledge, and resolve incidents on PagerDuty
  • Identify urgent issues from both private and public channels and send timely alerts to teams

Today’s news is just the latest way we’re helping consumer tech companies improve their product quality, which directly impacts usage and revenue. We’re working on building deeper integrations into all of the products that our customers rely on. 

For more information about the integration, visit the PagerDuty & unitQ integration page.