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Amex - Latest Quality Issues
Sep 21, 2023
Running Balance
Why you don't have a running balance even in 2023, which is such a basic but essential and super helpful thing for banking? Thanks
Sep 21, 2023
Hard to navigate
I'm using app and needs some work
Sep 21, 2023
Where are the widgets
How is this app in top 20 in finance if it does not have basic widget facility. Please give widgets to I can glance on how much I owe you guys without opening the app.
Sep 21, 2023
If you have a health problem and you can not pay it because it is an extremely difficult situation they do not help you only raise the interest they put a financial relief plan but they continue to charge you interest and enough so that you can never finish paying, you try to call for q help those who attend are very friendly but the q are in charge of collecting and negotiating do not help you even if you are not refusing to pay do not transact only pay what is late and continue with the account
Sep 22, 2023
Too confusing to understand as far as how much you've charged
Sep 22, 2023
I would like a explanation from Amex
Amex is so unfair with a good members like me… I have always been loyal and an excellent member and I have never stopped paying and I have made all my payments on time... and the payment to me from Amex has been denigrating me… I NEED KNOW WHY???… my credit line was $19 000… and from one day to the next AMEX DECIDED TO DECREASE MY LINE OF CREDIT TO ONLY $1000... (and my balance was excellent... at zero)
Sep 22, 2023
Missing a very important feature
The interface is user friendly, so that's good. But you can't search for specific transactions, amounts, vendors, etc. so it's hard to track things that you want to check. Say for example I want to see the instances a specific amount has been charged to determine if it's a recurring charge, we'll you can't. You have to go to the website. That's pretty frustrating when you're trying to keep a close eye on your spending. I wanted to see my historic interest on purchase fees, can't. Not without scrolling through every transaction and multiple pages. We need a search and filter option.
Sep 22, 2023
Amex has recently removed the ability to chat with an actual person, via the app. Bad move as this was a crucial aspect of the app for me. Please return that feature.
Sep 23, 2023
If I want to pay off a pending balance before it even hits you should allow me to do so!
Amex - Product Description
The official American Express App for iPhone allows you to access your Account from anywhere. Track spending & rewards, find offers, review your balance, pay your bill and enjoy features only available in the Amex App. Touch ID and Face ID login (on supported devices), gives you quick, safe and secure access. Make the most of your Membership with the speed, security and convenience of the mobile Amex® App.

• Enhanced activation experience for you to confirm new Cards and setup your Account.
• Activate your Credit Card for Apple Pay in the Amex App, then simply unlock, tap and pay.
• Freeze and unfreeze your Credit Card instantly at any time.

• Check your American Express Account balance, pending transactions and sort charges by amount and date.
• Go paperless with access to past PDF statements.
• Turn on AutoPay to pay your Amex bill automatically from your bank account each month.
• Check your spending power. Enter an amount for an expected purchase and you’ll see if it’ll be approved. Approval based on account status at the time of request
• Filter transactions to see spending and subtotals for each card on your account. For Basic Card Members Only.

• Turn on purchase alerts to be notified when your Credit Card is charged.
• Receive instant fraud alerts if suspicious activity is detected.
• Never miss a payment with payment due reminders.
• Manage all your notifications in the Amex Account tab.

• View your Rewards balance and find ways to use Membership Rewards® points* - from gift cards to credits on your statement.
• Use points to cover your eligible charges via a credit on your Account. *
• See personalized recommendations for other ways to use points.
• Refer a friend and earn rewards when friends and family get an American Express Card through your referral. For eligible Card Members only.

• Discover offers from places you shop, dine, travel and more.
• Explore a map of nearby offers.
• Get Amex Offers notifications direct to your device.

• We’re here to chat 24/7. Start a chat with us in seconds and revisit conversations any time in the app.

We’d love to hear from you! Stay in touch with us using our social media pages: Twitter: @AmericanExpress
Facebook: facebook.com/AmericanExpressUS/
Instagram: @americanexpress

Send & Split® enhances the way you send money and split purchases with other Venmo and PayPal users, all in the American Express app.* Now you can pay friends with more flexibility and without the standard Venmo or PayPal credit card fee§. You can also seamlessly split your Amex purchases with others and get paid back directly to your Card as a statement credit. Best Part? You’ll be the one to earn the rewards for the purchase you split. Enrollment Requirement. Terms Apply. § PayPal may charge a fee when sending to non-US recipients.

The American Express® App and app features are available only for eligible Card accounts in the United States. American Express® prepaid Cards and Cards issued by non-America Express issuers are not eligible.

To log in, Card Members must have an American Express user ID and password or create one in the app.

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