As your businesses or apps become more successful, you’ll obviously receive more and more feedback. And, when quality issues crop up, the volume of incoming feedback reflects both your success and the impact of any particular issue. It then falls to the support or user experience team to manage, triage, research, and gauge the impact of each individual issue. But that becomes more difficult as your apps span versions, platforms, languages, and more. However, unitQ Monitor now offers a custom tagging capability that eases this quality issue tracking, categorization, and monitoring. And, for Zendesk customers, these tags are two-way synchronized to further ease tracking as you work across unitQ Monitor and Zendesk.

The new unitQ tags let you add custom tags to label and categorize user feedback that matches a saved search or quality monitor within unitQ Monitor. You can easily create new tags to match your internal terminology, add tags in bulk to existing user feedback, and add tags automatically to new, incoming feedback that matches a particular saved search or quality monitor. Your teams can then use tags to easily filter user feedback based on product lines, internal responsibilities, regions, technologies, stack implications, and more.

It’s also faster and easier to drill down into specific quality issues, or report on trends and progress, using tags: just search for the appropriate tags. For Zendesk customers, tags applied in unitQ Monitor are also synced to Zendesk to allow tag filtering from either solution. You can even create targeted bulk replies from Zendesk using tags, or create tags to track unitQ sentiment from within Zendesk.

With unitQ tags, you can:

  • Follow quality trends, track issue status, and collaborate on fixes with custom tags that match your internal terminology.
  • Easily monitor, find, and categorize specific quality issues even as they reach across products, versions, and platforms.
  • Stay organized, maintain focus, and keep quality, product, and engineering teams in the loop on quality issues and feedback trends.
  • Maintain persistent tags to ease tracking as you move from unitQ Monitor to Zendesk.
  • Speed searches, ease research, and even target broadcast Zendesk replies related to specific quality issues or user feedback criteria.

See unitQ Tags in Action